My Philosophy

Pete Villanueva

My baseball philosophy…I believe in HARD WORK, GREAT EFFORT, and RESPECT for the game. HARD WORK is “out working” everyone at all times in all that you do, whether it is taking out the trash, cleaning your room, or doing homework. If you put your focus on doing better than anyone else and take pride in what you do, you will be giving great effort. GREAT EFFORT is built from within and is not a taught action. You have to push yourself to the limit and take pride in yourself as you aim to become a better person.  Along the way, as you accomplish this, you will earn RESPECT for the game. RESPECT for the game includes being a good teammate, following the rules, and giving your best effort at all times. Becoming a well-rounded baseball player means accomplishing all of the above…HARD WORK, GREAT EFFORT, RESPECT. It’s not always about playing the game.  It’s about knowing HOW to play the game.  There are many players and parents that chase trophies and brag about winning.  I LOVE to win and I am very competitive, but I believe that players and parents should aspire to have the greatest knowledge of the game so a child will become a well-rounded baseball player in all aspects of the game.  When knowledge is combined with skill, you can accomplish anything.  Hence my motto…UP TO ME.